林宗諺,臺灣人,為電影導演與編劇、紀錄片導演,現於紐約就讀紐約大學電影製作研究所(NYU Grad Film MFA)。



有短片作品「拾回COLLECT」、「日落的顏色The Color of Sunset」、「Be Water」、「不知其名的女子與鱷魚先生」等,與圖文作品「馬達加斯加的純粹The Simpleness of Lives」、「觀光的反面 The Opposite of The Bright」、「老爸 Father」等。

Lin Tsung-Yen, Taiwanese film writer and director, narrative and documentary.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Chaio Tung University in Taiwan, Lin Tsung-Yen and two colleagues founded the educational NGO ‘Aestheticell’ which redesigns textbooks in multiple subject areas with lush visual aids to maximize and understanding among student readers. His organization has won both the prestigious Red Dot ‘Social Responsibility’(2017) and Golden Pin Design‘Visual Communication’ Award (2017).

As a film director and writer, Tsung-Yen focuses on social issues and slice-of-life narratives. His works reveals genuine humanity and strongly-held sense of social responsibility.

Tsung-Yen is now a second-year directing MFA candidate and Tisch Scholar at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Kanbar Institute of Film & Television Graduate Film.

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