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林宗諺,臺灣人,為電影編導與攝影,畢業於讀紐約大學電影製作研究所(NYU Grad Film MFA)。為NYU Grad Film 2020 李安獎學金受獎者。作品《美豬肉圓》代表紐約大學於洛杉磯UTA(聯合人才經紀公司)放映。

2022年,作為攝影與奧斯卡紀錄短片金像獎得主Carol Dysinger共同完成台灣蘆洲夜市紀錄片COME HUNGRY

有短片作品《美豬肉圓》Piglet Piglet、《花火灰》The Ashes of A Spark 、《拾回》COLLECT、《日落的顏色》The Color of Sunset、'Be Water'、《不知其名的女子與鱷魚先生》等,與圖文作品「馬達加斯加的純粹The Simpleness of Lives」、「觀光的反面 The Opposite of The Bright」、「老爸 Father」等。

Lin Tsung-Yen, a Taiwanese filmmaker and cinematographer, graduated from New York University's Graduate Film Program (NYU Grad Film MFA). He was awarded the Lee An Scholarship by NYU Grad Film in 2020. His work often focuses on slices of life of Taiwanese individuals, exploring the possibilities of visual symbols and connecting reality with the supernatural.

As a director, his film "PIGLET PIGLET" has been screened at international film festivals such as the New York Asian Film Festival, the Asian American International Film Festival, the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, and the Taipei Film Festival. In 2023, it represented New York University in the NEXT GEN section of United Talent Agency (UTA) screenings.

As a cinematographer, he collaborated with Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Carol Dysinger on the documentary "COME HUNGRY," which explores the Taiwan Luzhou Night Market.

Currently, Lin Tsung-Yen resides in Taipei, where he continues to engage in various forms of visual creativity.

(Profile picture by Jess X Snow)

Film Festivals 

《美豬肉圓》PIGLET PIGLET  is selected in 

2021 44th Asian American International Film Festival

2021 20th New York Asian Film Festival

2021 23th Taipei Film Festival

2021 Lighthouse International Film Festival

2021 13th Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-short Image & Film Festival (SESIFF)

2021 Roma Short Film Festival, Best Short 

2021 Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Best Student Film 

2021 Prague International Indie Film Festival, Honorable Mention

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